About my work

 Sheffield School of Art took first year students out  to the Peak District  to work plein air. This working practise has stayed with me.     *** So sorry since COVID-19 caused chaos and an exhibition showing 27 new paintings had to be cancelled I've not really been working..storage space limited and during lockdown time has been passed in our garden. Hopefully the desire to paint will return!!



  I chose Sheffield due to its location near the Peak District National Park where man's influence is apparent but natural form dominates.

Photographs can be a useful aide memoir but  something I rarely use. I find outdoor studies give me a far better recall of my experiences and offer vitality and mening that photographs, however good, just don't

Among the buttercups in my neighbours garden. I've now got them growing in a large naturalised area of my own.                                                                                       


Most work is related to delights in the landscape, the elements, plant life, exquisite natural forms and often for the sheer pleasure of exploring materials.

         Experimental work. One of several pieces I created on  

a workshop I attended with friends a few years ago.                 

Some work has involved applying layers of paint, enjoying mark making, rubbing in, scraping back, always working  to capture the essence of the original experience.