About my work

Welcome EaselAs  first years at Sheffield  School of Art we were taken out to the Peak district to work plein air, a working  practise that has stayed with me through out my time as apainter.  Sheffield was my first choice as I loved its location near the Peak District National Park where man's influence is apparent but natural form dominates.

Photographs can be a useful aide memoir but generally outdoor studies give me a far better recall of my experiences than any number of photographs. A far greater feeling for the elements is recalled if I've hunched up in a hedge bottom or cliff side trying to keep a low profile to the wind. Anyone who has taught young children will know how wild they are on windy days and that energy and excitement relates to working outdoors.

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Much of my work is related to delights in the landscape, the elements, plant life and exquisite natural forms and enjoying  the sheer pleasure of exploring materials as I  observe and capture the moment.

          Towards Sandsend and Whitby.

Although sunny this was quite a windy day as you can see if you look at my shirt!  On this occassion I used  acrylic on canvas having already worked in a black paged sketch book.

Studying winter trees in St Hilda's church yard Hinderwell  resulted in work in acrylic ink, charcoal, watercolour and a few pastels .

  Some larger pieces have been made using very thin acrylics on canvas. Recent work has involved more texture using oil on an acrylic ground.

Experimental work has involved applying layers of paint, enjoying mark making, rubbing in, scraping back, always working  to capture the essence of the original experience.

To view more of my work  please visit me at my studio where you can enjoy a tea or coffee and perhaps have a go.

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